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Dear Leti,

You have added so much to my holiday in the Exumas. I get massages reularly at home, but none of them compare to yours! You bring the exquisite gift of genuine caring to your knowledge of body therapy. I experienced a seamless blend of several massage techniques, along with your most beautiful energy work. Each time I laid on your table I was transformed to a place of deep relaxation and peace. I'd like to kidnap you and bring you home with me to share! I will neer forget yor sparkling eyes and generous spirit. Thank you and I wish you much Love & Light,

Suzan Pelpey
Santa Barbara, CA

You are an amaizing person with a beautiful heart and soul. Thank you so much for making our trip so beautiful. Your hands are like magic, and we can't thank you enough for our heart felt massages. You have taught me how to appreciate my life, and to relax, and for that there is no thanks big enough.
I can only say that I hope you have a very blessed life, and that I am lucky enough to always call you my friend. I will talk to you soon, and again thanks for everything.

I love you lots,

August 2006
Dallas, TX

Dear Leticia,

You have made our trip!!
I have never had such a wonderful massage and thank you for giving so much love and beautiful energy to all of us. Please keep in touch, and I will for sure be bringing you on our next charter. Many blessings.

Kelly Moncur
May 2009 "M/Y Destiny" BAHAMAS

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